About Me

Hi, I'm Caleb. I'm a quantitative social psychologist who is passionate about measuring value-laden psychological constructs. I specialize in moral psychology and psychology of religion, but I enjoy researching just about any human behavior that can be understood through data. 

I'm currently a Visiting Assistant Professor in Psychology at Willamette University, where I'll teach Moral Psychology and Intro to Psychology in academic year 2023-2024. 

Prior to teaching at Willamette, I was a postdoc on the Honesty Project at Wake Forest University, where I worked on projects exploring lay conceptions of honesty, how to get around social desirability in self-reports of honesty, and how to best estimate the prevalence of dishonest behaviors people are loath to admit.

My training in moral psychology draws on both philosophical and psychological traditions. I completed degrees in both psychology (PhD/MS, Florida State University; BS, Washington State University) and philosophy (MA, Gonzaga University; BA, Northwest Nazarene University).

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Caleb J. Reynolds